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Deploying using different names

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I have a POS solution that needs to be deployed to different stores. I want to create 1 master POS and then deploy to the individual stores. Currently each store's file is names POS1, POS2, POS3.... etc   but I now want to create a master POS to make it easier to make the changes at each store.  Can I do this? by pointing Development server POS and then the stores Production server file as POS1 ?   Then for the next store Development server POS -> Production server POS2

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Hi Alan,


 I sent you an email with more details, but wanted to post here as well to be sure you receive an answer.  360Deploy can deploy one development solution to multiple production solutions, but you will need to be sure you have the correct licensing for your use case. For example, our Solution Bundle allows updated file versions for one solution to be deployed to an unlimited number of live / production servers and companies. The deployed solution can have different names. You can see more about this on our store at 360works.com, or I can refer you to our licensing department as well if you have any other questions.


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