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Open image in photoshop Cc using Applescript


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Hi there,

I have been searching Adobe and Claris FileMaker forums to find out how to use AppleScript to open an image file in Photoshop.

Ideally, what I need is a way to open a RAW image file in Adobe's Camera Raw. From what I have found online so far, this is not (no longer) possible. So I will settle for opening images (raw or jpg or psd) in Photoshop CC proper (I have 2018 and 2019). I have what I believe is the right path to the file in a variable. Following what you have recommended to others, my FileMaker script copies the value in the variable to a global text field. That field is on the layout that is active when the Perform Applescript step runs.

Because of the quoting nightmare, I have chosen to try and capture the AppeScript commands in a calculation that looks like this:

"Tell application " & PHOTO::gQuote & "Adobe Photoshop CC" & PHOTO::gQuote & "¶Set filename to cell " & PHOTO::gQuote & "gPhotoName" & PHOTO::gQuote  & " in table " & PHOTO::gQuote & "Locations" & PHOTO::gQuote & "¶Open file " & PHOTO::gQuote  &  "filename" & PHOTO::gQuote & "¶End tell"


The result looks like this:

Tell application "Adobe Photoshop CC"
Set filename to cell "gPhotoName" in table "Locations"
Open file "filename"
End tell

I think the reason this is not working is because I am not sure what the AS command it to open the filename I declare.

Would you be able to help me with this?


For some background:

I have a solution that acts as the archive for my photography.
Not too long ago I used the 'Send Event' script in my archive to open files. This functionality has recently started failing.

As far as I know there have been no critical changes to the 'Send Event' step. My archive currently runs on an older Mac Pro with OS Sierra, which means I am limited on this machine to FM17. Which is fine, because I am using some other software that would not survive Catalina anyway. So my software/hardware set-up with regards to FileMaker has not changed - neither has the script. I suspect that recent updates by Adobe have now messed with my script. Which is why I was thinking to use AppleScript instead. But I have never used it and have trouble finding a list of commands and steps.

The setup of my archive solution is:
Table 'photo' contains relevant info with image name and camera used.
Table 'locations' contains records that refer to different file locations.

I have a consistent folder set-up for all my original image files that makes it easy to go through the Location records until I find a hit and then the image file is opened in Photoshop.

The location of the image file is calculated based on camera, year, month an filetype and results in a valid path that, when hard-coded in Script Editor, successfully opens in Photoshop. Example:

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CC 2018"

open file"/Volumes/KITTEN3/___MyPicsAndMovies/CANON/_CROriginals_2011_5D/01_jan/IMG_6966.CR2"


end tell

This opens even RAW files in Photoshop and for now that is good enough for me. But how do I get the Perform Applescript to do the same based on dynamically calculated valid image file locations?


Looking forward to your feedback!


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This topic is 922 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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