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Adding Recurring Appointment in Outlook Calendar


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I'm trying to use the Outlook Manipulator plugin to add recurring appointments to an Outlook Calendar.   When I set the "Recurrence Type" field  to daily, I get an "Invalid Field Name" error. Same with setting Interval, and Occurrences fields.

I can't find an example of how this is done. The only thing I am referencing is the OM Functions guide which has a Recurrence Patten fields section.

The OM demo file has radio buttons for Recurring but they are greyed out.  Is there something else I need to do besides setting the fields?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi jkrier,


When it comes to recurrences for events, the ability to set a recurrence pattern for an event relies solely in the Recurrence Pattern function calls. On the event, the "IsRecurring" field which you can see in the demo file is purely a true/false Get field, meaning it cannot be edited (this is why the field is grayed out and not editable).

To create a recurrence pattern, once you have defined the normal fields for the event, you would call the PCEM_RPOpenRecurrencePattern function to open up the event's recurrence patterns and set the Recurrence Pattern fields for it depending on what you need to set (for example a recurrence type of "Daily", an interval of 1 for every day, etc.)  After you have set the recurrence pattern, you would need to close the recurrence pattern with PCEM_RPCloseRecurrencePattern and then save the event record. You will also need to consider adding recurrence pattern exceptions if there are periods of time where the recurrence shouldn't happen when it normally does, and this should be handled after saving the record.

Here's a quick pseudoscript of setting a daily recurrence for an event that will recur until a date specified by $$EndDate:

PCEM_SetFieldData( "Title" ; "Test Daily Event" )
PCEM_SetFieldData ...
PCEM_SetFieldData( "Recurrence Type" ; "Daily" )
PCEM_SetFieldData( "Interval" ; 1 )
PCEM_SetFieldData( "Pattern End Date" ; $$EndDate )

Hope this helps!

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This topic is 919 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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