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What is the "usual" method for FileMaker to work for multiple users unique email address?

Larry Schultz

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In the past I've deployed the Email plugin to receive email for a single email address. Now, I am asked to build a basic email client app in FileMaker. What I want to do is set up a way to allow each user to only pull/receive mail from their unique email account across a single domain name, and possibly sending from their own account. 

I'm thinking the best way to store each account's specific email address is to create a users table. Then on login, then on the receive or connect functions/script step, pull the user's email address from the users table. Would this be the best way to do this? 

Another method would be to just pull/recieve all email for that domain, and then parse it in FileMaker, to "tie" it to each user.

Got thoughts?



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Hi Larry,

As long as the users have separate authentication credentials (i.e. separate emails addresses and thus separate inboxes) then you may not even really need to have a users table unless you need to associate those users with particular emails. I'm thinking that you could have a "connect" button in the interface which opens a window and prompts the user for the email address and password. These values can then be put into the EmailConnectIMAP/SMTP functions (assuming hostname and SSL/TLS requirements would be uniform across users) which would allow the users to connect to the individual inboxes. We do have an example client in the download of the Email plugin if you would like to reference it for ideas/example.

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This topic is 919 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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