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Where to increase -Xmx memory with MS6 on Linux

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Getting the dreaded: 


java.lang.OutOfMemoryErrorL Java heap space 


message again on initial sync, MS6. 


I know the advanced topics outline how to increase heap space on Mac and Windows - but which file do I amend to increase memory allocation with the mirrorsync installed on tomcat 8 / Linux? Thank you!! 

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Hi DataCruncher,

The reason this isn't in our docs is the procedure and file you modify will depend on the version of Linux you have, what version of Tomcat you have installed and where you installed it. You essentially need to increase the memory allocated to Tomcat. It looks like your installation might be similar to our hosting environment. For us, we modify the the file at /etc/tomcat8/tomcat8.conf and edit the JAVA_OPTS settings . 

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