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Installation on Big Sur - "child process" error

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Brief report on the following problem: fresh installation of FMPA 19 on Big Sur will not allow the Scriptmaster plugin to initialize.

Of note, prior installations (e.g. FMP18 running on Catalina upgraded to Big Sur) work fine.

The solution (not sure which of the following did it):

- allow Full Disk Access for "Terminal" and "Filemaker Advanced" in the Security preference pane

- enable "Programming Tools", for good measure

- make sure your Startup Disk name is ASCII-compliant (mine was originally in unicode Greek)*

Restart and profit.

Hope this helps someone!


*I suspect that this is critical, as the java run-time (created on-the-fly by ScriptMaster) probably throws errors when a non-ASCII path is in the java HOME variable (check console for that)

Edited by xenophon61
forgot most important detail re non-ASCII startup disk name
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