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Stuck on a solution.

Problem: I have a script that creates a pdf of the current record which has two pages. My layout body tab is dragged down past the single page boundry to the end of the second page. I have a picture container field on the 2nd page and the first page with has all my text fields. When I run the script, only the first page is created and not the second page with the container.

In my script (showing only two lines but there are other that deal with saving the pdf file in a windows directoy. I don't think these are relavent so I don't have them listed below):

Print Setup [Restore; No dialog]

Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$Filename"; Current record]

     Within this step: Append to existing PDF is checked, Compatibility: Acrobat7 or later, Number of pages from: 1, Include: Specific pages 1 through 2.

Attached are two screen shots of what is I need and what is actually being created. The third is a snap shot of my script structure. I'm hoping this is a quick setting fix and that someone here experienced this before and has a solution.




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