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inserting data from a calculation / script into the search bar

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Hi Group


how do  i create a calculation / script to place data into the search bar in the top of the window?  See image

I want to click a button, then in the script i want to collect data from few fields (i can already do this)  and then i want to paste the data as a search string into the search box (i don't know how to do this)


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I don't think it's possible to programmatically insert text into the quick find search box.

However, it IS possible to perform a quick find directly, without going through the search box: simply call the Perform Quick Find [] script step with the result of your calculation (or do the calculation in the script step itself).

Note that quick find searches all fields on the current layout that are enabled for quick find. If you are scripting the action, you might want to restrict the search to relevant fields only by doing a proper find.


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