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Just can't figure out how to filter this value list

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Howdy, all:

Well, I've spent the last twelve hours beating myself up trying to get the attached to do what I want it to do, but couldn't; I did manage to utter a unique, fantastical, banquet of curses throughout the day, though.

What I'm trying to accomplish is in the School (and in turn, District) tabs in the Activity_Log layout: I want to have the the user choose a school (using the global field's pop-up menu) and have only the District_Staff names appear in the Name-labeled field's (::_kflt_District_StaffID) value list who not only belong to the chosen school but also have "Active" entered in their respective Status__lxt fields. (By the way, did I set up the relationship correctly for the All (Active Filter) tab to show only active (status) people? It works, but I'm not sure if the way I set it up is a "best practice" way of doing things.)Filter.fmp12

Off to stoke up on some Tylenol--this database has given me a royal brain hernia.






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