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Omit duplicate records from script step

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I am working on a script, which finds a list of records, but I then want to omit just any duplicate records based a field being the same, but staying in the found set

Is this possible?

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It is possible, but it shouldn't be necessary. It shouldn't be necessary, because usually when records have duplicate values there would be a parent table where each value has a unique entry. And performing the find in this table would give you precisely the list you are looking for. (This is assuming that by "omit just any duplicate records" you mean "keep one record in each group of duplicates and omit the rest" - not "omit ALL records that have a duplicate".)

Can you provide more details regarding what you have and what are you trying to accomplish? 


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Yes I want only 1 record of each duplicate of each kept, think I have a way of doing it by looping

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