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Script to Create Monthly Allocations for Contract Budgeting

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Hi All,

I'd like to use FileMaker to manage a Contracts file I've been keeping in a spreadsheet. It has become a monster. I also use the data to determine what our annual budget will be which includes estimated annual increases when the contract is set to renew.

Accounting rules come into play depending on the start date of the contract and how that will be allocated monthly over the duration of the contract.

I know FileMaker can handle this but the scripting is beyond me. I envision a script button that allows the creation of records in a separate table that auto calculates the monthly allocation like the one shown in the spreadsheet attached. The 2 scenarios I show display how the calculation changes depending on the start date of the contract (1st-15th of month vs. 16th-end of month).

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.

Image here for example contract with different start dates in November: https://ibb.co/2d1fpfN


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