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Help requested - handling of different windows (each based on its own file) from a main "dashboard" file

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I am working on an age-old FM-solution, consisting of 60+ files, each file with 1 table, all files linked together.

On start-up, the solution opens most of these files and shows some of the respective windows.

Now, a client would like to be able to control the behavior (look) of these windows on start-up.

In the main "dashboard" file, I am trying to write a script to go to each relevant window (Select Window) and manipulate it (Adjust Window). However, when I run the script, the focus remains on the file the script is running from. After "Select Window", any further "Adjust Window" script steps are applied to the main file the script is running from. 

How can I change the focus of the script steps to the "Selected Window"?

I want to avoid to have to write a script in each of theses 60+ files to manipulate the windows from within these respective files. What I want is to be able to control the behavior of all windows (each based on its own respective file) from within a single script in the main "dashboard" file. 

Is that possible? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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I don't think that's possible. I am trying to think of any steps that would execute in another file, and I cannot  come up with any. Even the most simple:

Select Window ["OtherFile"]
Go to Next Field

will end up going to the next field in the current file's inactive window.




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Yep, that was my observation as well. 

I'm afraid there might be no other way than to add a script to every single file. I hate it when we are forced to inefficient programming.

Thank you for your feedback. 

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