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I just had a look at your Timer Bundle.

I have created a countdown timer similar to yours that gets the length of time from fields in my database.

Unfortunately I cannot do anything else whilst this is in focus.

Your timer allows me to do other things whilst it is running.

How do I specify the field (Events::CounterInput1) into my script, so that whatever the value in this field is, the timer will start from this starting point? I have not used script parameters before.

Also how can I make the timer pause and then recommence?

I could see where values are hard coded into your script and could be changed (Yes I saw the instruction not to).

Thankyou for any assistance.



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Hi Milton, is this the bundle that you're playing with? https://carafe.fm/bundle/timer-widget-studio/

FYI, Carson Lind created that one for Widget Studio. What can be very useful for getting help with this sort of thing is to use Carafe Kitchen to open the bundle, and then choose Edit -> Online



From there it will open it Code Sandbox, and you can share the link to your sandbox.

As far as the specifics of what the timer can do, as with many bundles, those are often tied to what the underlying bundled library can do. As you may have noticed in the references, Carson linked to https://albert-gonzalez.github.io/easytimer.js/

It may be a lot to ask for you to figure out how to customize as you're describing, if you're new to JavaScript, but in any case, it's all there for the taking if you have the time and interest. That's the beauty of open source!


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This topic is 389 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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