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All fields visible in Table View but not in Form Portals

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New to FM Forums, so I hope I’m posting correctly.

I have two primary tables  BONUPROGRAMS (BON__BONUSPROGRAMS_tog) & CLASSES (CLA__CLASSES_tog)
I have a table BPViews that is a portal to each of the above tables (bon_BPV__BPVIEWS) & (cla_BPV__BPVIEWS)

My objectives;
When I populate bon_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVClass, I want to populate cla_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVClass
When I populate bon_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVDate, I want to populate cla_BPV_BPVIEWS::BPVDate
When I populate cla_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVName, I want to populate bon_BPVIEWS::BPVName
When I populate cla_BPV_BPVIEWS::BPVDate, I want to populate bon_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVDate

My relationships;
BON__BONUSPROGRAMS_tog::_pkBonusPrograms <> _bon_BPV__BPViews::_fkBonusPrograms &

CLASSES_tog::_pkClass <> cla_BPV__BPVIEWS_fkClasses &
CLASSES_tog::ClassCodeString <> bon_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVClass

bon_BPV__BPVIEWS:BPVClass the value list ClassCodeString using values from CLA__CLASS_tog::ClassCodeString
cla__BPV_BPVIEWS::BPVName uses the value list  Bonus using values from BON_BONUSPROGRAMS_tog::BPName

However, when I view bon_BPV_BPView in Form View the bon_BPV__BPView records are visible but the cla_BVP__BPView records are not visible
And, when I view cla_BPV__BPView in Form View the cla_BPV__BPView records are visible but the bon_BVP__BPView records are not visible.
I’m thinking I need to somehow relate

An interesting thing I noticed is when I view bon_BPV__BPViews in Table View I see the missing records from cla_BPV__BPVIEWS & when I view cla_BPV__BPViews in Table View I see the missing records from bon_BPV__BPView.

cla_BPV__BPVIEWS::Class to bon_BPV__BPVIEWS::BPVclass

I hope I explain it well. What am I missing or doing incorrectly?



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