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Importing from Oracle into Filemaker

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I have been trying in vain for days, to find an explanation for the following, can aynone help please!!!!!!!!!!

I go to the ODBC Data Sources (either WindowsXP or WindowsME), add the Filemaker Oracle8 Driver and under the general tab add the Datasource name etc. When I click 'Test Connection', or go into Filemaker and Import using ODBC, I get the message 'specified driver could not be loaded due to system error (126 on XP, 1157 on ME).

I have contacted FM, but they don't have a clue. I thought that easy access to other data sources using FM was supposed to be a breaze!!!!

I am using FMv6, I have also tried it using FMv5.5, but with same results.

Any help would be appreciated


Clive Sanders

[This is a duplicate post, which we don't allow. This thread is closed, please answer in the ODBC/JDBC forum. -bd]

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