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Hello Everyone! 

Been using the plugin for a while now and recently just had to update the FMPA client version to 18, meaning the bridge file needs to be utilized to have them talk. Here's some detail: 

Windows 2012 Server 
Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop 2019
FileMaker Pro Advanced 18
Fmbooks connector
Users accessing FM + QB via RemoteApp 

What we did:
Removed all previous plugin files from both Program Files and each active User's AppData 
Cleared Certificates from Quickbooks and from User>AppData>Local>PCINC>FMBCONNECT
Installed new plugin version. Selected "For Everyone on this computer". Kept the default location as recommended, that location was User[me]>AppData>Local>FileMaker>FileMaker Pro Advanced 18>Extensions
Registered Plugin
Signed AdminUser on.
No splashscreen for plugin. Confirmed plugin was not installed. 
Copied plugin file to Program Files > FileMaker > Extensions 
Confirmed that installed the plugin file for AdminUser 
Registered plugin. 
Established Initial connection to QB company file. Selected Always allow access, login as specific User [me]
Success! Was able to connect through Remote Desktop and via RemoteApp.

Repeated these steps with users:
via RemoteApp, Registered the plugin.
Try BeginSession 
Error throws: Bridge File Not Found.
Log into the remote desktop as that User, and clicked Setup on the Install QB Bridge File.
Was only give the option to Repair or Remove the bridge. Clicked Repair. 
Success! Was able to begin session in both the Remote Desktop and then via RemoteApp [after exiting both apps on remote desktop and signing out].

Next Day
Users Opens QB, then opens FileMaker.
BeginSession again throws error "Bridge File Not Found"
User logs into remote desktop and tries to connect there. Throws error "Bridge File Not Found".
User Clicked Setup on Install QB Bridge File. 
Again selected the option to Repair the bridge file. 
Success.... but we can't have to do that everyday.

The user who initially installed the plugin [me] and the AdminUser who established the first connection have no trouble with the bridge file. 

I'm thinking whether there are specific locations on where we need to install the plugin and/or bridge when using the installer?


Thanks All for your help!



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