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CustomerMod ParentRef issue?

Bruce Herbach

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I have a script that updates a Customer record  ( CustomerMod )  The ParentRef:ListID is a link to the billing customer record.  When the CustomerAdd script is run we can set this value.  When the CustomerMod script is run I get this error message:

"Update QB Project Customer Record | 360 Cherry | Flower ie0321 P-002846.01 | Result = !!ERROR!!||CODE: 3170||SEVERITY: Error||MESSAGE: There was an error when modifying a Customers list, element "8000135E-1620862569".  QuickBooks error message: Unknown Error"

If I disable the line "PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "ParentRef::ListID" ; PRJ_ClientBilling::QB_ListID )"  all of the other updates are set with out an error.

Is ParentRef::ListID only able to be set when the record is created with CustomerAdd?

Thanks for the help.

Bruce Herbach



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Hey Bruce—

I haven't looked into this issue in a long time, and I can't recall if the value is never modifiable or ONLY under specific conditions. If it's the latter, I'm sure it cannot be modified if there are any Invoices that have a Payment applied. It may be that it can only be modified if there are NO transaction records tied to it, no other Jobs with an identical CustomerName value already attached to the target Parent , etc.

Another possibility: It's only modifiable when there is no existing ParentRef:ListID. If you poke around and confirm the circumstance, please share what you discover.

I believe you can change if via the UI, but it's hard to think of a use case where doing it via the API is common enough to warrant allowing it.

Geoffrey Gerhard
Creative Solutions Incorporated
14000 Creekside Drive
Matthews, NC 28105

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Hi, Geoffrey,

The field was included in the script because it was included in the CustomerAdd script.  In this case it is possible that the value did not actually change,  just that it was being reset to the current value because some other change triggered the update script.

We do have a limited number of cases when a project goes from billing another company to billing the building owner.  Usually late in the project so I can see where we may want to update it after invoices have been sent. 

I'm sure this was working before.  I'll check the specific project and see if they have issued invoices.


Bruce Herbach 




Hi Geoffrey,


I took a look in QuickBooks and yes, several invoices had been sent.  So that may be the reason I can't update the ParentRef:ListID field. 



Bruce Herbach

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