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WebDirect and web-worker - best practise for updating and rebooting?


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Hi All,

My depot management solution currently runs a host and a web-worker machine. Whenever I need to do something that requires a reboot, such as SSL certificates expiring, I find myself in a merry-go-round. Recently I had to renew the SSL certificates. I did so on the host and rebooted. I then did the same on the web-worker. When clicking Add to Master, I get 'The WPE must be stopped'. Should I stop the top button (FileMaker WebDirect), the second button (Master Machine) or the third button (Worker Machine 1) . I usually stop the second button (Master Machine) - then the Worker Machine button shows Unavailable - I click it, it enables for a while, then goes unavailable. I close databases and reboot. If I then click Add to Master on the web-worker machine, it sometimes says 'Already added' and sometimes says 'The WPE must be stopped'. I reboot the web-worker machine. I reboot the host machine. Sometimes everything works, sometimes not. I continue clicking and rebooting until things are correct.

There has to be a better way of doing this. Can anyone give a definitive process of what to do in what order?

Much obliged

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