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audio file player Windows vs. Mac

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I have a solution which can play audio files which are cloud hosted, using a web viewer with this code:

"data:text/html,  <body style='border=0;overflow:hidden'> <body topmargin=0> <body leftmargin=0> <audio controls preload='metadata' autoplay style='width:480px;'> <source src=" & tempmaster::global_track_path & " type='audio/mp4'> <source src="& tempmaster::global_track_path & " type='audio/mp3'>  <p>Your browser does not support HTML5 audio.</p>  </audio>  <p> <strong>Download Audio:</strong>  <a href=" & tempmaster::global_track_path & ">M4A</a>  </p>"

I found that using this method is much faster than downloading the file to a container and then playing it, and also the HTML5 controls look good and work well on Mac, on which I get, from left to right, a reverse by 15 seconds button, a play/pause button, a forward by 15 seconds button, the play wiper, audio output device, and speed controls. And autoplay works.

However, when I open the same solution on Windows, all I get is a play/pause button, the wiper, and speed controls, and auto play does not work.

Is there any way to improve this on Windows?

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