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Email Send is very slow on one machine

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Why would sending emails from my own machine be slower than others in the office? It's certainly not CPU/RAM related as my machine outpaces their machines by a fair margin. 

What is the best path for tracing this issue to find the source?

For reference, I sent the same email (via script) from four different machines. Three of them took ~3 seconds, mine took >10 seconds. That is pretty typical and it's been like this for months. I just assumed everyone had slowed down until using one of their machines last week for something. 


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Its difficult to say what could be causing the issue. You mention that you have a lot more CPU/RAM on your machine but do also have more processes running? What is your RAM and CPU usage when you run the script? Could also be network related, are all these machines on the same network? Do you see a difference if you connect the machine to a different network (if possible)?

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Just ran a test and (very scientifically /s) watched my CPU/RAM via Task Manager. CPU didn't go over 50% (from a 10-20% baseline). RAM effectively did not change. I'm sure I do have more processes running, but I'm nowhere near maxed out on either. 

The machines are all on the same network. Without a ton of re-factoring, I can't change networks. 

Are there logs I can look at to see if there is anything of value there? 

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Thanks for posting the logs, a few more questions:

When testing between machines, are you using the same email address to send emails?

What version of the email plugin do you have installed? Is it the same version on the machines where you do not see this issue?

Also, try passing in the parameter "progress=false" into the EmailSend function and see if you get better performance.

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All tests were sent to myself, but the issue arises for any email sent, to anyone. Always slow on my machine.

I have sent from myself and one other user on my machine. Slow for both.

I have sent from the user and myself on their machine. Fast for both.

So it's definitely something on my machine, not my FM or O365 user accounts.

'Progress' is currently unchecked in my 'Send Email' script. I assume that is false. Please let me know otherwise. 

Thanks for your help. 

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