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Relational DBs - How can you "unrelate" one?

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Help! Please! I'm relatively new to FilePro 5.5, and kinda under the gun with a very big project. I was thrown into this position with no training, and no one in the office is able to help! I have a master db (I think), and another related one that I would like to remain "static", for lack of a better word (not quite awake yet). I need to input the data in the related db and have it come up in the master db; the way it is now, as soon as I enter a number in the master to pull up the data from the related, it changes everything around in the related and doesn't come up properly in the master.

I am in dire need of assistance!

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Relationships between files are driven by 'key fields'. When data is entered into the key field in your main database, any records which have matching data in the corresponding key field in the related file will then be located and displayed in related fields (in a portal or directly placed on a layout) in the main file.

If you are not seeing the data you expect to see, then the first thing to look at is what is in the key fields. To find out what the key fields are, you can view the relationship definition by going into the "Define Relationships..." dialog from the File menu.

Assuming the relationship is set up correctly - and the two key fields are of the same data/result type (something you can check in the 'Define Fields...' dialog), then the problem most likely lies with the data itself (ie key fields hold wrong keys or ID numbers or whatever).

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This topic is 6564 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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