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showing related records only

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The more i think about this the easier it should be but here goes anyway cause my mind is blank.

I have two files: One is list of club members. The other is called Best performances. Both are linked via a unique id field. The main file is the club members file. Some of the club members will appear in the personal best file and some will not. Also members will appear several times in the personal best file in differnt events.

OK so here is the question.

All I want to do is show records in table/list form of records from the personal bests file + the name from the members file.

Simple BUT....

The file just keeps showing only the first record from the club members file and the details of the first record from the personal bests file on the same line of the table. i.e if there are 200 members and 2000 entries in the pesonal best file, all i keep getting are 200 entries - one for each member.

This is so simple and yet i am just lost somewhere -

Please help.

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Sounds to me like a job for the Portal. Since you already have the relationship set, most of the work is already done. Do you know how to set up a Portal?


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You are possibly lost in many places. Lets start with the basics. In your system Member.fp5 is the parent file and has an option one-to-many relationship with the PersonalBest.fp5 file via the MemberID field.

What do you want to show? All the PersonalBest records with the name of the related Member?

It sounds like what you are doing is sitting on record 1 of the Member file, going to related records in the PersonalBest file and only seeing those records for Member 1. Basically you do not need to use the Go To Related Record, since that is designed to show only those PersonalBest records which are related to the single Member record you were on.

You just need to goto the PersonalBest file and show all records.

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