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HighPower Data Services Releases Symphony Server Manager

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Symphony Server Manager, from HighPower Data, is a FileMaker app designed to track and manage any number of FileMaker and Web servers.  Save dozens of data points, such as OS and hardware specs, hosting providers, FMS Admin credentials, server versions, FileMaker licenses, SSL certificates and more. Retrieve and change allowable configuration settings directly from Symphony.

Three access levels offered: Free, Advanced, and Full developer access.

Symphony will track all the information required to manage any number of FileMaker servers, web servers, and SSL certificates.
But it is not just a static information storage app. Its interactive power will retrieve all relevant information which the server’s API will provide.

Symphony may retrieve this list of information from a server: • Server name
• Exact server version
• Running status

• FileMaker license details
• SSL certificate details
• List of hosted files
• List of connected users
• Database file location paths and backup folder paths and more

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