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File maker supplied legal warnings

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According to the FileMaker Documentation, if I provide certain legal warnings about removal of admin rights, presence of passwords only I know, etc. they will not assist customers in recovering files in its on a layout called “About”


my question is as follows:

1) can I place my contact info elsewhere (e.g. in a tab called “Support Information” and thus modify the language in the warning to read “…Author listed in the Support Information tab…”?

2) What is FMI’s process for recovering damaged files?  Is it any different than just using the “Recover” option in the menus?

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I believe FMI might have some other way to recover damaged files.  The one time I needed to use that 'feature' (a couple years ago), they said it would take weeks to recover our data.

This was not an option for me at the time, so we rolled back to the last good file. 

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