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I feel so dumb sometimes.......

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2 databases....

1 statisical with one record just counting records from other bases.

The other has 2500 records or so which has a field describing who's approved and how they uploaded the file.

FTP, ADDROP or disk.

We want to count the number of records in file two whose delivery method is FTP and enter that number in the stats base. Please forgive my ignorance as we 'just' got

FM the other day. Lots of ambition....just waiting for the Bible to come out lol.


Making me nuts.....grrrrrrr....

Any help woupld be a God's send.

Cheers and Beers

Andrew Mills

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The simplest method is to perform a find in the main file and use the Status(CurrentFoundCount) function to work out how many records are found.

You could also create summary reports in the main and view/print the results. Summary fields might also work and provide real-time results without printing or previewing.

On the other hand, the "stats" could be made really useful by making each record one possible value for the upload type ( so the values FTP, ADDROP, disk require 3 records) and use a relationship back to the main file to count the related records. This would give real-time stats.

As I write I reckon this could be a good way to go since it offers flexibility to add new upload types, and you can create a value list from this file to use for the data entry too.

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This topic is 7871 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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