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list from values selected with checkboxes


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At first I want to excuse for my bad english.

I have one file with list of jobs, I would like to find all jobs for a certain customer and make invoices for them. I wold like to select multiple jobs from that list (using checkboxes) and include them in invoice, and mark those jobs somehow so when I do another search those jobs don't come up because they are already invoiced.

Thanks in advance.

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Instead of a list, could you possibly do this with a portal? Show all the jobs that the customer ordered in the portal. Then, use a scrip in the job file to mark them for invoicing. This script is activated by clicking on the jobs in the portal. Once you have marked all the jobs you want to invoice for, fire off a script that creates the invoice and marks the jobs as invoiced.

This is fresh in my mind only because I just wrote something like it for invoicing items from a customer sales order. I "update" mine by setting the "amount in this shipment" field. When I run the script to create the invoice, this amount is set to "" and the shipped field is updated. To filter errors, I don't allow the scrip to ship more than was ordered.

Hope this helps.

-jim lee

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Lemme get this straight... you have a single field that displays checkboxes for data entry. You want to perform a find on this field for each entry that is selected...

If that's the case then the solution is to parse the entry field and create a separate find request for each selected item.

See the attached FMP5/6 file for a parse script. It's commented to explain what's happening, but it is by necessity a complicated process involving text string manipulation and loops.


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Sorry, was away fighting other fires for awhile.

Actually, I'm pretty new to Filemaker myself. And -very- new to this forum. Can you run a filemaker file that refereces another when the one it references is missing? I could send you what I have, but -everything- I have is all tied togather. Sales orders, contacts, invoices, inventory, parts, kit lists, data books.. Bla Bla Bla..

It -would- be nice to have someone other than myself look at this monster I've created. Maybe I could break out some of the sales order and invocing bits as an example?

Oh yeah, I'm running FM4.0

-jim lee

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I just did something very similar to this. You really need at least two files, a customer file and an invoice file. The customer file will have a customer ID, customer Name, and customer address. The invoice file will have a customer ID field to relate it to the customer file.

Your invoice file will have the checkbox which is a number field with the field format set as a checkbox. The value list for the checkbox is a custom value of 1. That way when you first check the box it is a 1 and if you check it again, it is cleared. You also need a invoice number field which should be a text field, a date field for the invoice date, and a global text field called gInvoice.

When you create an invoice, do a search for records with the customer ID that does not have a value in the invoice number field. Then set the gInvoice field to your invoice number. Now you are ready to select which jobs to invoice with the checkbox. Create a button in a footer section that has a looping script like this

Go to Record/Request/Page[First]


if[checkbox = 1]

Set Field[invoiceNumber, gInvoice]

end if

Go to Record/Request/Page[Next, Exit after last]

End Loop

Now every record that you checked will have the invoice number from the global field.

Hope this helps, Mike

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This topic is 7827 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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