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Anyway to script text style changes?

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As usual, I'm hoping this vast knowledge base can help me out. Here's my deal: We have reports cards in FM. Many teachers type their comments at home and then cut/paste into the FM report card. Trouble is, it retains the formatting (font, size, etc) of the word processor they created it in. We need the report card to be in a specific size and font, though. I've tried locking the field, merging the field into a text box formatted with our text formatting, but I can' seem to strip away the old text styles. Is the only option to go in and manaully select all, then change the text style? Please say it ain't so....

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or you can do it by making another calculation field. for instance, let's say you have a comment field which teachers enter their comment into.

1. now you make a calc field called

< comment.view > / calculation / ( = comment ).

2. make it not allow field entry at the field format.

format the field back ground color as white and

format the field' font & size, etc.. as you like.

3. and then put it on top of your comment field.

this way if you click on the comment.view field for pasting the texts, it will show the comment field which allow you to paste and if you click out of the field after enter the texts, it will show comment.view field with your customized format for the view.



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This topic is 7825 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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