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wrong layout shows up!!!!

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i have set up 5 db (graphic inventory, graphic orders, line items, project info & vendors)

we need to set graphic inventory & orders for use via the web (using IWP). I've set up Web Companion & sharing but the layout that shows up via the browser is all wrong or if I go to edit via browser the correct layout shows up but some for the fields are missing or placed incorrectly or both.

PLS HELP!!! confused.gif

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I ran into this once. It seems that I had to use the go to url script in instant. Had button using this script. The url then had to contain certain information. One way to know what information it should contain is to use your existing soltion. Go to where you think you need to be in you browser. In instant web publishing you will get a long url address in your browser. If the layout is wrong, try changin the -layid= number in the address, then reload it. When you finally get a url address that works correctly, copy and paste this address into your go to url script. You might also want to play around with creating a seperate layout that is strictly for accessing from the web. you can then taylor this layout specfically so that it displays correctly via instant publishing without worrying about how it would look in filemaker.

This might or might not work for your particular soltion...

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This topic is 7805 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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