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The FTPit plug-in provides an external function which will enable you to rename files. The function is:

External("doFTP-LocalRename", "men.jpg.bin:men.jpg")

...however you must make appropriate additional function calls using:

External ("doFTP-LocalChangeDir", "InsterPathHere")

...before hand to set up the path to the directory where the file you want to rename resides (if it is not the current local directory).

The same effect can be applied to files residing on a remote host (to which you are looged on) using the commands

External("doFTP-Rename", "men.jpg.bin:men.jpg")

External ("doFTP-ChangeDir", "InsterPathHere")

However what is really at issue is likely deeper than just the names of the files. the ".bin" suffix refers to a standard encoding format, and one would assume that the files which have this suffix are encoded. Simply stripping the suffix will not solve the problem, since the encoded files will be unlikely to be able to be read directly by most applications.

Another alternative would be to ensure that an appropriate applciation is configure to decode the .bin files on auto launch, and to use an external function from Troi File or DialogMagic (if you have access to either) to launch the files first (thus decoding them and stripping the suffix) before accessing them.

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This topic is 7823 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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