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Max Text field

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I am trying to create a calculated field that will return a Text value from a related record based on the highest quantity.


I have 3 fields Product, Qty and Price for two records as follows:

Cake 1 $10

Sugar 2 $5

If i do max(SelfRelatedbyInvoiceNo::Qty) in my field definition then each record will display a 2

But how would i display the word sugar instead?

Any help would be fantastic!


Kerrin smile.gif

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Ok, so i fixed it, but for anyone that was curious this is what i did:

I created a calc field name cMaxQty as follows:


Then i made a relationship(called MaxProd) From cMaxQty to SelfRelatedbyInvoiceNo::Qty

Finally i can put the related Product field on my form to display the product name or create another calc field like this.


This works but if anyone can suggest better "programming practice" grin.gif I would appreciate it.



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Cool solution kerrin! smile.gif

I have done something a bit like this, but simply used a calculating constant field on both sides of the relationship. Then I specified to sort in descending order by the quantity.

If I use QuantitySort::Product I get the product with the highest quantity, but I can use the same relationship to place a portal on another layout with products listed in descending order by quantity. Plus I also use the same constant calc for several other relationships.

The outcome is the same as with your method, though.

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So simple yet ingenious.

I skinned my cat again.

My records already had the same invoice number so i made a relationship, sorted by qty descending.

Works great and now i can get rid of those extra field definitions....

Thanks wink.gif


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This topic is 7816 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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