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is there any way to script FM to go to a particular Portal on a layout?

(The reasoning : I am initiating a script from a portal on a layout. It sets a 2nd portal to show certain records. I would like to finish the script by going to the 1st record in the 2nd Portal, but I can find no way of activating this 2nd Portal (a self) without actually physically 'clicking' on it.)

As an aside...

I've noticed that the 'Go To Portal' script step in FM6.x always goes to the same Portal on a layout... if there is more than one.... even if the script is activated by clicking in another... unrelated... Portal. Bug I guess. [color:"#666666"]

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When there are several portals on the layout, FM goes to the one which is backmost in the stacking order. That means if your scripts always needs to go to the same particular portal you can place it at the back.

If you need to have scripts access different specific portals on a multi-portal layout, one way to achieve this is to create copies of the layuout, each with a different portal stacked backmost (using the 'go to back' command on the arrange menu in layout mode).

Then you can Freeze Window within the script and flip to the appropriate layout in order to access a portal which is not at the back on the current layout. With this method, the 'Go to Portal Row' command can be used.

In some circumstances, the 'Go To Field' step is an attractive alternative.

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This topic is 7818 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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