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FM4 Mac

Share investment file with a record for each transaction. Each record shows investment, costs, profit, etc., plus profit expressed as a simple annual interest rate, e.g. 250 dollars made on 1000 in 6 months would be shown as 50 percent Annual rate.

Each record also shows the to date figures for all transactions via Summary fields.

My problem is that I wish to show the average annual interest rate for all records to date


I don't want the rate to change on older records. For example if the third record shows a cumulative average for records 1 to 3 of 30 percent but the 4th record pushes this up to 50 percent, I want record 3 to still show 30 and 4 to show 50.

The reason being to show the growth pattern from record to record.

Hope this is clear. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Also to say, like other folks have commented, how much I appreciate this brilliant forum and the extremely knowledgeable people who give their help so generously.


from a wet UK

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If I understand you correctly, you could try creating a separate "history" field and script a set field to move the information into the static "history" field. This way you'll be able to see the information as it was at the time the set field script ran in each ecord and be able to use that field to create growth charts.

Phil Welsher

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This topic is 7773 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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