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Upload Programm for FMpro 4.1


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I have a DB running in FMpro 4.1. on Mac.

Now I want to create a program using Real Basic that can create, delete and update records that are in the DB.

The program must connect to the DB from a computer outside our own network. So using Internet?:

Does anyone know how to accomplisch this using RealBasic, how to connect to the DB and then create new-records and retrieve data from the DB to edit it. (the program must run on Mac and WIndows)

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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You are breaking new ground. This is going to be a really big job, and I suspect that the result is going to run unacceptably slow unless you only have a couple of remote clients running at a the same time. Anyway, if you feel that web companion or FM server won't do what you want, then go for it. That's how we learn new things.

General advice for any major project like this:

1. Decide between CDML, ODBC and Applescript. I don't know if you can make realbasic communicate with web companion or not. If it can, that may be the best solution. Applescript is Mac only, but is quite powerful. Check out the CDML, ODBC and Applescript forums here for information on reading and writing data to and from filemaker. Also check out this link for Applescript via TCP/IP: http://www.apple.com/macos/feature8.html

2. Break your project into small bitesized pieces and make them work individually rather than trying to write the entire app in one fell swoop. For example, create some code to simply read and write data to and from Filemaker on the same computer before you try doing it over a network. Once you have the little pieces working, then tie them together. This makes development easier, and it also lets you discover some possibly insurmountable problems before you have invested a lot of time.

3. You may have to create a Realbasic app to run as a front end on the server machine in order to arbitrate communications from remote clients to filemaker (sort of a substitute for web companion).

Aside from any specific questions you may have, I think you are on your own. Good luck!

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This topic is 7730 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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