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Scripted Import Canceled by FileMaker

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Hi everybody,

I'm in the process of "converting" an Access database into FileMaker.

I suspect the Access designer was a newbie to database design; he's got three different tables that store pretty much the same information (first & last names, phone, etc.), but the field names are different in each table. Go figure.

Anyway, I managed to export the tables from the Access database as Excel docs. In my main file I created matching fieldnames for each of the tables to import, and calculations that will draw this information into standard, internal fields that will let me do things the "right" way.

For each table that I'd be importing from I created an import script and left Restore & No Dialog unchecked. Then I ran the script, selected Matching Field Names from the Import Order list, and imported the records. I went back to the import script for the table and checked off Restore & No Dialog and Replaced the info saved for the script with the import info in use. I did this for each of the import tables one at a time.

Now the problem: Whichever script I created last works just fine. However, the other scripts give me an alert saying "Import Records has been cancelled. Do you want to continue..." after I've selected the table to import and clicked on OK. I've printed off the individual import scripts and the import order for each is fine.

Has anyone encountered this before? What could I be missing here? I've created these import scripts many times, many ways, without success.

Thanks in advance, and my apologies for such a long post; I just wanted to give as much info as I could.


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Just as a follow-up: I converted the Excel tables into tab-delimited text files and the scripts work fine. Unfortunately, I lose the ability to distinguish headers from data, but hey, it works. smile.gif" border="0

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Originally posted by bobsmith:

If your Excel file was saved in other earlier version (2.0 for example) filemaker will not reconize it.

The Excel tables have been saved in Excel 2000 format. I should point out that manually importing the tables works just fine; in fact, the import scripts themselves work well (showing the appropriate import order), but only when I tell them to display the dialog. Otherwise, only the most recently-created script will work properly.

Thanks for the tip, tho'!

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This topic is 7638 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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