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Updating runtime version


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Scenario > inventory dbase has 2 related files indexed on auto-incr. serial# field.

Next, show all records & sort on Serial# field in both files > then export data from both files. This dbase is administered by adm as an online dbase whereby users just view data online. The adm add,edits, del records to update this dbase.

In adition, a runtime version exists used by various users to add, edit del data, so the data in both online dbase & runtime version is changing.

When runtime ver. was created, let's say both dbases were identical with serial #'s from 1 to 200. (serial # is index field in both files in both dbases)

From there on adm increments serial# from 10,000 (a # which never be used by runtime user), but when the data is exported from online dbase & imported into runtime ver. using serial# as matching field, the new records aren't imported because runtime ver. would increment to 201, and so the record 10,000 from online dbase isn't seen & not imported.

If the item name is used as matching field in main file and (item & supplier) used as matching fields in related file, the data from both files is imported ok, but the link between the 2 files is broken in the runtime dbase.

Is it possible to import data from both files from online dbase to runtime dbase using serial # as index field, allow both dbase be updated separately & merged on importing. I think this can be done if the indexing link in online dbase uses "item" but if the item name is changed the link is broken.

I know this all sounds confusing, but any help here would be appreciated.


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This topic is 7506 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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