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Exporting as html. - line breaks


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You may have seen this in the Fields forum.

Specific Question:

In FM4.1, how can I produce html style line breaks within a calculation?

I am using FM to produce static html pages. I use a text calculation to html-ify the data I need from each record. I would like line breaks (and indenting) within the html.

If I put the paragraph symbol thingy in the text within the calculation:

1) If then, in browse I copy the html calculation field and paste into bbedit, things work properly. (I suspect bbedit converts the line break characters during the paste.)

2) However if I export the file to text, and then open the file in bbedit or a browser, between records I get proper line breaks but where I put the paragraph symbol thingy within the calculation I get the unrecognised character symbol.

I imagine this is due to the fact the mac, pc, and html(unix) all use different arrangments of r's and n's to denote a line break. I forget who uses what.

What I would simply like to do is to get calculation to output the same line break character that FM places between records in a tab separated export.

General Question:

Does FM5.5 have better facilities for generating STATIC html? (I am considering upgrading but since FM5 and FM4 are not compatible I'd have to upgrade all machines and that gets expensive and time consuming.)

For example, now, to get a calculation to produce text like:

<br clear="all">

I have to put

"<br clear=" & q & "all" & q & ">"

into the calculation, where q is a global with the value ".

Is there any easier way?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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This topic is 7483 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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