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Export to Quickbooks (WIN)


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I have this suggestion for you. It is a bit labour intensive, but should work.

Have a look at the quickbooks documentation and decide wht you want to import. The documentation is reasonably good. The quickbooks american website has sample IIF files do download.

You should be able to create a sript to populate a text field with the appropriate information.

Then you should be able to copy and paste this into a blank text document and rename it with the extension IIF

If you want to learn DDE, then you should be able to get Filemaker to use any DDE compliant text editor, or Excel to do this via a script.

Altenatively, there are plugins which should be able to do this export for you. Try the Troi website.

All these things might seem a bit vague ,but it is difficult to do this kind of thing with Filemaker. It is still probably much better integrated with a Mac than Windows. I did this sort of thing with MSAcess by using VBA, which allows very extensive control over files as well as being a real programming interface for the Windows platform. You can do just about anything via Scriptmaker, but not in Windows. I would be happy to correspond on this further.

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Persuant to the previous post, it is a PITA. Excel is very manual. The text file approach is preferable. Create a calc field with the required splits, then try oAzium FileTools (http://www.wmotion.com/filetools.html)to create the text file. Don't forget the .iif.

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This topic is 7425 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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