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Special printing and formatting with FileMakerPro6

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First the "normal" way of doing it:

1+3 Make a layout for each field order you want to print, set the formatting as you like it

2 omit those records that don't please you

4 insert some blank records in between or set um dummy fields which take that data.

Now another aproach:

make a calculated field which exchanges certain placeholders, enter those placeholders in another field.

placeholder field:

<<field1>> <field3>> + 99 <<field5>>


calcfield: Substitute(substitute(substitue(....(placeholderfield,"<<field1>>",field1),"<<field2>>",field2), ...).

If you now copy the result of this calc via script to a text field, you can manually override any formatting, or adding data as you want.

Now choose the right layout with the apropriate sliding options, and choose "Print".

Another aproach:

Use custom web publishing and a lot of javascript to format your page, then print from Browser.

And yet another:

Write a short applescript to transfer the data to Quark Xpress with formatting, or use Microsoft Words merge letter feature.

Still some more:

Use XML and XSL-FO to generate a pdf with a FOP engine. or use Indesign XML input ...

You see, anything is possible, you just have to program it.

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a brief question:

I want to see on the printout the entire content of each field but i do not know the amount of the text in the field in advance.

Is it possible to create a layout where the fields are auto-resizeable?

Can a field change its size depending on the size of the text in it?

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Hi Mile,

Check the "adding gaps" great solution BobWeiver suggested to EddyB about one week ago.

It may suits what you're looking for.

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