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import acting strange way


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hi, i need a help with import script.

let's say i have file A and file B ,

file A - got name , qty repeat of 3 field.

file B - got name & qty field no repeat

in file B , i made a import script in file B.



1 record of file A , will produce maximum 3 records in file B. because file A's qty field got 3 repetition. if all 3 repetition field is filled , it will import each repetiton qty as one record in file B. so it will be 3 records in file B.

the problem --- let's say i'm importing first record of file A with 3 repetiton qty field and

let's say there are 4 records in file A.

< importing option was update matching records & add remain records. >

the thing is that when i import first time , it show all 3 records in file B. but from second time around , it clears the last record which was

imported previously. for example, there are 3 records 1,2,3 from previous import. now i want to import another record of file A. so i import.

then i have 6 records. 1,2,3,4,5,6. but record 3's field text is cleared [ no datas in it ]. so i did another import , now it happens in record 6.

which i noticed it happes to the last record of each import. so now i have record 3,6's name field empty. and this happens everytime i import

with same sequence.

is this a known problem ? is there any way to avoid this problem ?

TIA ..


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This topic is 7366 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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