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SQL query for ODBC trouble

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I'm trying to open an SQL database with Filemaker Pro 5.0V1.

The SQL statement says:

SELECT Customer.CustomerNo, Customer.Name

FROM Customer

I get an error saying Object name Customer is invalid.

To correct this I must add the table owner as shown below.

SELECT MDBS.Customer.CustomerNo, MDBS.Customer.Name

FROM MDBS.Customer

MDBS beeing the user / owner of the SQL table.

Is there any way to omit this editing in every query? Either in the DSN or in the SQL database.

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I've got exactly the same situation when I query my school's student information system. In Filemaker, I have to manually enter the fully qualified table and column statements.

My first thought was that this was some quirk of the program that created the SQL db ('cause they all have slightly different requirements). But then I was in Excel, querying the exact same db, using Microsoft's query tool. It generated a SQL statement withOUT the full qualifiers and it ran just fine. Sheesh...now what?

I'm still thinking this through. My school's closed for the summer so it's not easy for me to get in. But when I do, I'm gonna try this: create a SQL query in Excel, make sure it runs, copy the complete statement into an "Execute SQL" step in a Filemaker script, and then try and run it from there. If it works, at least I can use Excel's query tool instead of Filemaker's.

Luckily, it's a lengthy query but I don't have to change it much once it runs properly.

John McInerney

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