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is there a way to build a login system using fm v3

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I was wondering if someone can help me. it is possible to build a database login system using fm v3. i know, it be done in latest one an seen sample like the gateway. I seen other one but they have function which are part of the lastest one.

if anyone seen sample out there using fm v3 and doing scripting let me know.



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Hi Victor,

The essential ingredients if a custom login system are available in FMPv3 - notably global fields and relationships. Many things have been added since that provide for more complex options and the potential for tighter security, but with a bit of ingenuity you can get something happening in v3.

The greatest single shortcoming is perhaps the absence of an API in version 3, which means that all those excellent security features available with third-party plug-in technology are not available in version 3. If you want your custom login system to withstand an attack by seasoned hackers, then working without the latest tools will present a few challenges, but run-of-the-mill end users rarely put too much of a dint in a basic operational system such as you might expect to achieve in v3.

As to real live examples, well, that's another story. At this stage, I can't point you to one, I'm afraid. There were a few of us building them around seven or eight years ago, so you just *might* be lucky and find one tucked away somewhere on a tour of the web ring, but fp5 format demos have been the common fare for a good few years now, so I wish you luck.


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