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Export with Greek Charccters IMPOSSIBLE!!!

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Working evironment: PC-windows

I'm trying to export records from FMP-4.0 and because there are Greek characters (using, Arial Greek TT Font) in fields and text boxes everything looks very wrong in the exported file! I've tried other fonts, but nothing...: I also tried something that SHOULD work. I opened the FMP-4.0 file from FMP-6.0 and it opens fine, but once again all the Greek characters are wrong! I'm desperate! What is there possibly I could do? Something anybody can think? ASCII conversion or something? (p.s. English characters look fine in all cases)

See attachment picture for example.

Please help!


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Well, thanks to all. I finally figured it out myself.

Exported the records as "Windows ANSI", "TAB delimited text" (shown in the export dialog of FMP).

From there on, I figured that any program importing should import as "Windows ANSI". I imported the records in Excel which gives very nice options for "TAB delimited text" files. Then I selected the language from the list given (from the import dialog in Excel). "Windows ANSI" was the best selection (in my case 1253 Greek windows also). From an Excel file I say any program could import the structure!


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