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Extending a find based on a Date Range

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I have a problem where I am trying do a date search for specific comments that relate to a person in my database. The first thing that happens is that I do a

Go to Related Record based off a value list of ID numbers

eg. a person is assoicated with a number a objects now each of those objects have a number of comments attached to it so a value list is being created in the person table of all of the objects that a person has and then a relationship has been setup between that value List and the comments table and when a goto related record in the comments table it brings up all of the comments for that person.

What I am wanting to do is allow a user to enter a date range and the rest of the orginal find will be refined to the date critera (if that makes sense).

now what i am doing at the moment is:

- copying the from date (as i was trying to get it working and then move onto a date range)

- doing the go related record which brings up only related records

- Modify Last Find

- Pausing the script

- Pasting the date into the appropriate field

- Perform Find[Extend Found Set]

but it keeps telling me there is not results and brings back all of the records??

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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