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Returning a 4 Column Table

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Okay, very new to Filemaker and CDML. I basically have a photo database that has the photo in a container field along with a ton of information fields. There is also a keyword field for every record.

I want to create the functionality so that when someone on the web searches for a certain keyword, the database will return all the corresponding images and arrange them in a table that is 4 <td>'s wide and however many tall to accommodate the results. I am not a programming whiz, but I assume this involves a for loop of some kind, is this possible in CDML? Is there another way? How could I return the first 4 results, and then close that row and either start a new one or even start a whole new table? I hope this makes sense, I could really use some help if anyone has the time, thank you very much..


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You could help yourself by searching in the Sample Files forum for the example offered there about web images. There are several web related solutions in that forum which can be useful to a newbie.

Also, considering the amount of memory which is used to store pix in a db, it is really better db management to store the images in a folder and store the path in the db.

"I am not a programming whiz..." I'm not either. I'm a developer. So are you.

Good Luck,

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