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Is there a way to display help baloons when the cursor stays over a button for a while? (for both Mac and PC)

I know of two ways to make hidden data (baloons) appear from nowhere on the screen. One is to use the toolbar to make an object (square, rectangle, etc) on which your regular visible fields, buttons and other layout ojects "sit". Create a field that will contain the data you want for the baloon - lets call it "BaloonA"- and after you entered the data you wish it to contain, use the tools in the menu bar to move this field to the back. Make a script to go the field BaloonA (select the field). Put a button on the layout or use any lyout object as a button to be formatted to the above script. Because hidden fields pop to the front when entered and pop back when the curser is moved to another location.

The second way involves placing a "translucent" field ON TOP of the layout that is formated not to allow entry (lets call the field "invisible". This field is formatted as a button for a script that is "If INVISIBLE is empty, set field INVISIBLE, xyz, else set field INVISIBLE, ""." where xyz is the field hidden elsewhere containing the data you wish to make apear in the baloon. The If in the script makes the button a toggle - clicking once it appears, clicking again - it disappears.

I appologize if this goes into too much needless detail but I still remember the days when I wandered in the database winderness confused and afraid. Good luck

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This topic is 7952 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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