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Search result defines layout choice

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Is there a way to return a find to a one of two layouts based on the quantity of records found? In other words, if a find returns only one record, then you go to layout 1. If two or more records are found, you go to layout 2.

Here's the real world problem. I'm developing a medical database in Salt Lake City, Utah, where lots of people share the same last name (i.e., "Smith"). So if I search for John Smith at a certain zip code, I may get more than one result.

What I would like is the following: If there's only one John Smith at zip code 84132, then you go to Layout 1 that displays all his biographic information (and then confirm that you have the correct John Smith -- he may have moved to zip code where another John Smith moved out ... there's lot's of John Smiths around here). If, on the other hand, the initial search produces more than one John Smith, you go to Layout 2, a table of all the John Smiths (where each John Smith is a button, and other identifying information are also included, such as address and phone) and then you click on the correct John Smith, which then takes you to layout 1.

Thanks in advance!

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This topic is 7572 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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