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Scripts clicked on portal rows - inconsistent

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I have scripts that are assigned to the portal rows such as displaying more information and such.

For some reason there are instances when they click on the portal row the script is not triggered at all.

It is either they get the black highlight color which is i think is the default color for portal rows or the gray highlight color that occurs when you click on something with a script attached.

The control script steps are set to PAUSE.


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If you have a script attached to either a field or a transparent rectangle, and it's close to the top left edge, it could be your culprit. Try moving everything away from the top left corner. It may rather be misplacement of objects within the portal, overlapping scripts or even messy stacking order. They all can cause this type of mis-click behaviour. crazy.gif

If the portal row is cluttered, it's important that everything within the row be precisely placed so scripts and fields don't overlap. I use the Object Size (in px) to precise size-match calcs and scripts sitting on fields; Align > Center-To-Center and usually group them before attaching to them and then I lock them.

If a script is attached to a transparent row rectangle (either under or on top of fields), you can be sure it is placed precisely by changing your portal to only one row. Display your Object Size and it'll tell you the exact row height and length. You can vary the row height greatly by changing it here (one px at a time, unlike trying to drag-change it which changes at about 10 px at a time). shocked.gif Then make your rectangle 2 px less in width and height (if your line depth is 1 px) than the portal row size. Arrange > Send To Front (your rectangle), and align them Center-To-Center and then lock the rectangle after attaching the script.

If it were me, I'd pull it apart, detach the scripts (ungroup everything if grouped), turn on field borders so I could see the exact placement and redo them, paying attention to the placement and stacking order. Stacking order, when on a layout with a portal, or items stacked in a portal (particularly or maybe only on Windows) can jump terribly or cause the row mis/unselection as you describe. wink.gif

And if nothing else, you'll have a lean, clean portal when done - and, if the fields/scripts are clear and distinct, you can click them one at a time and test your scripts.


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This topic is 7574 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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