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Basic db, just name field+box for picture, share?

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I'd like to have a FMP6 db for icon pictures and just needed something simple that holds a title or name field and box for each graphic with just basic find and sort capabilities (sort by name, in other words).

Was hoping someone already had something similar enough and that doesn't mind sharing. I'm a little on the desperate side yet if I get side-tracked on making one up, since I'm still such a newbie and still very slow, that would time away from my current project. I'd like to avoid that, if possible.

Thought there might be something already out there.

Thanks a million, appreciate any help! smile.gif

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Awesome, found it! I stripped it down and removed the keywords file and certain references so that it would work fine without it and have input 61 icons with descriptive name. It originally was an over 2meg-sized file but now, even with 61 icon images, it's at 375 kb!

Thumbnails, sorting, everything works fine and I added some buttons.

Never again during db creation will it be so difficult to find icon images for buttons, they're all here easy to find and sort so I can look through.

I think I'll post it to the examples forum once I have a few more icons in as I'm sure other developers can use. Sure, it's great to have all those "Buttons and Things" and all sorts of icon images files but they're difficult to navigate and we're dealing with so many individual sources for images. With this one, just paste any desired image into a graphics box and add a title and thereby build a custom icon/graphic source!

Thanks for this info! Fantastic solution! laugh.gif

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