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SetField Script Command

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I am definitely stumped with a problem using the SetField command. I am trying to use it to "push" the data in a text field from the Master File to a text field in the Related file. The command works when there are no records in the Related file (as discussed in the Scriptology book), but does not work when there are records in the Related file. The Related file has a script that simply creates a new record. The script in the Master file has two commands, first it performs the external script in the Related file to create a new record, then it executes the SetField command. I'm sure I've specified the options for the SetField command correctly. The result however is a new record in the Related file with a blank text field. The relationship is set to allow new records in the Related file. I've been able to make this process work using synchronized copy-and-paste scripts, but I would like to take advantage of the SetField command. I've even tested this problem by creating simple new Master and Related files and it still fails. I'm on Windows, using FMP 5.03 as single-user. I'd appreciate any help or guidance.

Regards, Keith Silva

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This topic is 8018 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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