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idiot start script....

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hi guys.

I couldn't be more idiot...

I needed a little database that just opens at the start of the computer ( MAC OS START PREFERENCES), and, after relating FM to other 5 DB , close itself automatically.

( I thought was the only way to let the computer in which the database is the host of all the 5 others DB)

so, i've done a start script ( start preferences: document) that tells him to close after the opening (and AFTER checking the 5 relationship with others DB, that normally need 6 seconds...).

To avoid the impossibility of access to the file i've created a button that activated the script pause.

But i can't clic it ??? all happens so fast: it opens and close whitout checking others databases!!!!!

how can i stop the loop????

of course, i have no backup...


sorry for the wordin, but i work on the french version of FM

thank you if you have a solution.

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I once did a similar thing with a file dedicated to opening up several other databases. I didn't find a solution so I started from square one again and rebuilt the file and scripts.

The second time round however I built in a line in the opening script that evaluated what keys were being held down on the keyboard using the Status(CurrentModifierKeys). Values you can get (combinations are allowed) are:

Shift 1

Caps Lock 2

Control (Mac OS) Ctrl (Windows) 4

Option (Mac OS) Alt (Windows) 8

Command (Mac OS) 16

This gives you a way of getting back into the file should you make a mistake.

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Not to worry,

Here is how you get into the file.

Open Filemaker.

Create a New Database (Empty File)

Define a field ( Anything will do)

Define a relationship with the file that is giving you problems.

Filemaker will open the file in the background (minimized or hidden) to make the relationship.

Now, from the window menu, choose the file, and make your changes to the start up script to allow you to debug.

I've seen this a lot. Thankfully, Filemaker can get you back in and running without too much trouble.

John Wallace

[email protected]

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thank you very much guys.

I haven't tried yet because minutes after posting my mail I opened the file just with the keyboard key (apple + L) just ofter the (apple+O)

but I will keep your mails in case....

i'm going mad installing shared fiels on a local network.. maybe you'll hav emmore news.

thank you

luigi- paris

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Rather than use relationships to open the other files, use a script with the Open[] step to open the files directly.

The trouble with related files is that it can be a pain to close them -- the relationship keeps making them pop up again.

BTW I my server has a startup file that has a script to open the databases as described above: it also has a script that backes them up by calling external scripts in each file that perform the Save a Copy As[] step, and another script to close them if I want. This creates a "console" on the server so that a non-FMP savvy person can open, close and backup the databases themselves. If relationships had have been used instead of scripts, the script to close the files won't work because they just pop back open again.

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I understood the problem to be that you need to be able to get into the file, but the script that runs on open caused the file to close before you could stop it thereby making further changes to the file impossible. I would not use relationships to open the file except in the case I just mentioned.

My scenario, and what I understood your scenario to be, was one of needing help getting into the file again.

Sorry if I confused anyone here.

John Wallace

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Yes that was the original problem. I was just adding the fruits of my experience. ???-)

BTW I *think* that holding down the shift key during the file startup process disables any startup scripts.

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I'm afraid that holding the shfit key won't disable any startup scripts, unless you build it into your script. I often write my startup script like this:

If [ Status( CurrentModifyerKeys ) = 5 ]

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This topic is 8027 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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